7. Work Status Update.

One intended purpose of this blog is to provide updates on the projects we (the grantees) are working on. So far, I haven't done that.

The main reason I've been tight-lipped has to do with two large upcoming solo exhibitions planned for later this year. The first, HUMAN / NATURE, is scheduled to open on October 7th at the Angela King Gallery in New Orleans. The second, Internal Landscapes, opens January 21st at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art in Tarpon Springs, FL. I've been hard at work on new paintings but have been hesitant to reveal them until I knew for sure which venue they wind up at. The full paintings will be revealed soon, I promise!

Until those decisions are made the best I can do is offer a few tantalizing teasers. See if you can figure out which painting details go together.

detail 2.jpg

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