Studio Tour

Like any other artist, I simply LOVE seeing the creative spaces of others. Their space, studio, desk, easel, organization, accoutrements, etc. So today I thought I would take you on a quick tour of my home studio.

When my husband and I bought our home, we had one primary criteria during our search - a great space for art, whether that be a den, formal dining or 3rd bedroom. We both work in artistic fields, and most of our date nights are at our respective desks, right next to each other, watching a movie and drinking coffee while we art out. A lame date night to some, perhaps, but it's our most perfect evening. This house gave us two extra rooms that flow into each other. The first is our collective space, while the second room is all mine. 

My desk, above left, is where I create all of my art, from scratchboard to photography (my day job), and anything else I fancy.   //   Above right, is a board of important miscellany. Clippings of art that I love. A photo of my grandfather, who always looks over my studio, my daughter's drawings and pictures of my husband and I. My grandmother's Quilting Guild pin, and my favorite photo from my favorite photographer, Diane Arbus.

Above left, this is what 100 Xacto blades look like when dumped into an itty bitty bowl.   //   Above right, my toolbox. Everything I need for my scratchboard pieces.

Some scratchboards-in-waiting.

Above left, in the second room of my studio, is a very personal space. This is where I meditate, surrounded by art, artifacts, and family heirlooms that have been passed down to me. To the left of this space (unpictured) is a cabinet where I store my photo equipment, and to the right of this space (also unpictured) is the cage/home of Otter, my ferret. She keeps me company here when she's not free-range and causing havoc, as ferrets will do.   //  Above right, a little collection of vintage cameras.

Above left, my collection of vintage photographs, which inspired my first scratchboards ever and led to a deep love of all things historic.   //   Above right, one of my favorite pieces of art. I framed this deck of tarot cards (majors only) that were hand-printed in Italy. It is hung over my meditation desk.

Above left, my newest collection, "We Shall Overcome", framed, plaqued, and ready to deliver for the Creative Pinellas show on Oct 26th.   //   Above right, a sneak preview of what I'm working on right now (in progress). An experimental blend of scratchboard and oil.

Before you go, I feel I owe you transparency. A secret perhaps. So I will leave you with one final picture. It's not pretty but it is honest. Below is a picture of my desk, photographed on any given day - not just on the day I'm going to post photos to a blog. It is messy. It is chaotic. It is active and overrun. But it is loved and it is a happy space. This is how my desk looks almost every day.