When home is nowhere

I have just returned to FL after being away for the better part of 10 weeks. I am surprised at how difficult it is for me to adjust this time. After I returned from 6 weeks in the UK last year, I seemed to acclimate quickly. This year is different. Maybe it's because I was on my own a lot- driving from FL to NY to GA to AL to NC and back to FL. Lots of alone time. Many hotel rooms.                    The time in NY was amazing, working on 3 shows with some wonderful people and sharing some profound life experiences- both happy and sorrowful. I am very at home in upstate NY and have been contemplating a move there. Maybe my psyche had all ready made the move and I just didn't follow through, physically. I am also very much inspired by Asheville, NC and am considering going there. Again- maybe my physical being feels that and is no longer comfortable staying in the place I call "home". There is a great pull for me to be in a place where I feel valued and that I contribute to the quality of the community.  I try to do that here and have been blessed with very significant recognition from Creative Pinellas in the form of the grant awarded me. I am grateful for the support. At present, I have 3 shows coming up this fall and am so looking forward to beginning The Tempest, which opens in January 2018. I am VERY fortunate, I know, but I still struggle with feeling unfulfilled and, I admit, underutilized. That may be nothing more than my desire for "love" or whatever it's called, and I certainly don't wish to become ubiquitous, but it is the reality of my mind today. Tomorrow? Who knows?