Update from upstate (NY)

Opening night for The Effect Of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds was great!

It has been such an interesting journey. The character of Beatrice is a damaged, defeated, angry and yet somehow hopeful woman. Trying to find her colors- the bitterness and resentment, the crippling fear and hurt, the love for her children that is stunted in its growth by the poison of her own history. She is brittle in her fragility. At first glance, Beatrice seems to be just a horrible person. Mean. But over the rehearsal period, as I worked under an insightful director, the layers began to peel away. The woman who once frightened me- I now love. This Pulitzer Prize winning play by Paul Zindel is truly beautiful in its ugliness.

That's the great gift of creating a new character- from your own writing or from an existing piece of work. It's the research- the digging- the archeology of theatre that is, for me, the most satisfying aspect of this art. I am currently preparing to embark on new characters and I look forward to the journeys we will take together.