Post mortem. Sort of.

The run of COLLECTED STORIES went very well. It was well attended and the feedback was all very positive. The whole process really taught me how to stand back a little- not impulsively react to every new situation as it rose- not to immediately assume I was faced with some Herculean task. There was a lot involved in this adventure for me- as the sole producer, I wore a lot of hats. But, I must say, it was fun, too. After the business part of hiring the cargo van (to move our production into The Studio @ 620, then out of 620 and over to the Straz Center, then out of the Straz and back to storage-whew!), I enjoyed lumbering around in that big vehicle. 

Thanks to Creative Loafing, publicity was great. Word of mouth was great as well. A lot of folks I knew came out, but a lot of folks I didn't know came out and that was really encouraging. A lot of close friends didn't come out. That hurt- but just a little. My friends are all every bit as busy as I am and none of us have yet figured out how to be in two places at one time. But I keep trying.

Today, I continue to prepare for my summer in NY. I am doing three shows up there this season- I was invited to perform 2 of my original shows and then I will also be performing in a production of The Effect Of Gamma Rays On Man-In- The- Moon- Marigolds, a truly wonderful and visceral piece. I am really pleased to be able to represent Tampa Bay in New York!

So, this season has thus far accomplished much: I have produced twice as Circle In The Water, with a third coming in June (NY), and have fulfilled the necessary work weeks with my union (Actors Equity) to be provided with a year of health insurance. I have been so fortunate to be covered by the Affordable Care Act- it made me independent enough to become my own production company, because I didn't have to work with an emphasis on obtaining union coverage- i had my own through the ACA. That meant that I could take contracts that didn't provide points (or weeks) toward union coverage- I could do the art I WANTED to do. But in this climate of great uncertainty, the threat to my accessibility to quality health care has led me back to the union insurance plans. And that's great.I am so lucky to have that opportunity.  Maybe a year will be enough for this government to figure it out...but don't hold your breath. 

Onward to summer!