First production opens

It happened!

Circle In The Water, LLC opened our first production, COLLECTED STORIES, at The Studio @ 620 on May 18th. Today is our final show in the Studio and we will then load up the whole show and move to the Straz Center in Tampa tomorrow for two final shows. As chief cook and bottle washer, I have been communicating with our press sponsor, Creative Loafing (a God send), doing interviews (thank you Beauty and the Burg and ABC's Morning Blend!), picking up some really tasty mandel bread from Jo-El's (shameless plug for a great place), loading and unloading a cargo van and driving around like a trucker, setting up the space with the Studio SM, Tyler (huge shout out to him), setting and checking props and costume quick changes, checking in with my wonderful company (Maggie Mularz and Matthew Ray), and then- trying to give myself a moment to breathe and center and focus on this story before curtain time. I am learning a great deal about time management and how vital it is for me to remain adaptable. I have been thrown in to some very unpredicted situations over the last few months and it has been a challenge. It has often given me pause, and yes, I have cried once or twice, but ultimately everything that is happening has served to bolster my resolve. And this production really turned out to be all about the piece itself- Donald Margulies' play. The words. The ideas. And that was my purpose with this production- to say these words- to tell this story. Succeed wildly or fail miserably- but tell the story. 

The experience has me very invigorated to go back to my own words- the plays I am working on that have been set aside for a bit while creating this production. I look forward to going back to live with my own stories.