Good news!

I am currently working with Creative Loafing on a publicity campaign for my company's production of COLLECTED STORIES. It is an unexpected and blessed opportunity!

Press and publicity is always one of the highest hurdles for an independent artist. It is often against an artist's nature to do what feels like "self aggrandizement". I know I don't like selling myself- but that's my product, isn't it? I'm an actor. I'm the product. I have to tell myself often that it is my job to offer the best product and then to get that product out to the public. I wouldn't feel awkward doing that if I made computers or shoes- would I? Confidence is good. I am confident in myself as an actor, as a writer. I think I'm always afraid to come off as pushy or incessant. It was difficult for me to get started with Mail Chimp, because I didn't want to "bother" anyone. But folks can't come see a show they don't know is happening, right?

Today, I am also finishing some specialized stuff for the show- creating the cove for a book that features prominently in the story, selecting music, etc. That is much more fun! :)