More PR good news

I will be doing an interview for the podcast Beauty and the Burg this week as well as appearing on Morning Blend next Wednesday (ABC Action News), so some of the self-promotion I find so difficult has been of help. 

Because we had to adjust our performance schedule, moving our opening from May 10 to May 18, we have the strange dilemma of "time on our hands". So, we have to be mindful to keep the exploration and creation phase simmering a bit more slowly, so as to not bow over and peak before we actually hit the stage. It affords us the luxury of really making the story deep and real. I am really proud of the "guts" of this show (the storytelling). 

I am also learning to let myself be the producer. To say- out loud- what I need, what needs to be done, etc and empowering myself to make those things happen. I am beginning to realize that I do have the skills and the drive and the experience to produce and the next project my company takes on will benefit from all that is happening now. It's very difficult some days, but it is ultimately very positive.

But I must admit that I look forward to the several months that will follow Collected Stories' run, when I will be solely the actor. It will be like a vacation!