Counting down

Well- FABRICATION opens in 2 days. I have been creating props today. Sometimes I am reminded that necessity is the mother of invention. I had some great, lofty ideas for set and atmosphere, but truly, if you are a creator of art, you better learn that you can only do what you can do alone. Folks always have the best intentions o helping, but you must remember that while your work may be the center of your universe- it's not the center of anyone else's. Never feel resentment when others can't "come through" on your great idea- learn to manifest that idea yourself. Foe me- this means I MUST learn more about using the computer to create sound tracks, images, effects, etc. I can't keep asking someone to save me. It's up to me to bring my vision to fruition. It's my job- no one else is responsible for that. So, my show's visuals are not what I originally thought they would be, but they have turned out to honestly be better- more portable, simpler and easy to use. So- today is #1 of the final 2 rehearsals and we have an audience at the Dali on Wednesday, Nov 8th. Just booked the show in to The Studio At 620 for Nov. 20th as well.