Life after Fabrication

Well. That's a wrap. FABRICATION was a great experience. I am very happy with the direction and the form it ended up taking and am very grateful it was well received. Now comes the hard part-

letting it all go.

I hope to bring the show to other cities and have a couple of feelers out, so we'll see. In the meantime, I am back at Disney for my 9th season as part of EPCOT's holiday season and beginning to learn lines for THE TEMPEST. I'll be returning to New York in spring for the season at Bridge Street Theatre and prepping for residency in San Francisco in fall. I have my fingers crossed that I will hear favorably from 2 AIR (Artist-In-Residence) programs located in Hawai'i and in New York as well. 

It has been a fruitful year and I am grateful to have had the support to make things happen. I am especially proud of my 2 full productions that were seen in 2017: COLLECTED STORIES and FABRICATION. And the opportunity to perform my play UPON THIS ROCK:THE MAGDALENE SPEAKS at Bridge Street and then going on to perform in their production of THE EFFECT OF GAMMA RAYS ON MAN-IN-THE-MOON MARIGOLDS, for which I am nominated for  best actress recognition by the Central NY region (by Broadway World). 

I pray that 2018 will be an equally creative year and that the climate in our country (literally and figuratively) improves and moves toward healthy empathy. I hope that, as The Dude would say, "This aggression will not stand" much longer.  I wish you peace in this season and beyond.

Final performance tonight

The final showing of FABRICATION is tonight (Monday, 11/20) at The Studio @ 620, St. Pete.

I was still adjusting and cutting after performances 1 and 2, so it's still evolving. I was not as pleased with the evening in Sarasota- but it was foreseeable. The audience at the Dali was so well versed in Schiaparelli, surrealism, Dali, etc, that they were in on the conversation, but the house in Sarasota did not have that advantage. realizing that, should the show go forward after tonight, it would have to be a bit more accessible, I did a little trimming and added more of the expected "cat fight" tone to the early part of the show. Hopefully that- paired with playwright's notes in the program- will help with that accessibility.  We'll see.

Officially a hit!

The premiere of FABRICATION at the Dali Museum was a great success - both artistically and publicly. It was a sold out show and the conversations the piece sparked were lively and very satisfying. We will present the show twice more- at Home Resource gallery in Sarasota on 11/14 and at the Studio @ 620 in St. Petersburg on 11/20. 

I am so pleased with this piece. It really felt great to have the words spoken and to realize that I am, indeed, capable of writing dialogue!!!


Counting down

Well- FABRICATION opens in 2 days. I have been creating props today. Sometimes I am reminded that necessity is the mother of invention. I had some great, lofty ideas for set and atmosphere, but truly, if you are a creator of art, you better learn that you can only do what you can do alone. Folks always have the best intentions o helping, but you must remember that while your work may be the center of your universe- it's not the center of anyone else's. Never feel resentment when others can't "come through" on your great idea- learn to manifest that idea yourself. Foe me- this means I MUST learn more about using the computer to create sound tracks, images, effects, etc. I can't keep asking someone to save me. It's up to me to bring my vision to fruition. It's my job- no one else is responsible for that. So, my show's visuals are not what I originally thought they would be, but they have turned out to honestly be better- more portable, simpler and easy to use. So- today is #1 of the final 2 rehearsals and we have an audience at the Dali on Wednesday, Nov 8th. Just booked the show in to The Studio At 620 for Nov. 20th as well. 

Playwright's Notes for FABRICATION

Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel.

What could they possibly have to talk about?

Both were successful women in the male hierarchy of Paris couture. 

Both created clothing inspired by the roles women were beginning to play in the workplace and in the world- and they did it better than the men. But their idea of what clothing was- and what it could be- differed greatly. 

Chanel was a practical, laser-focused worker and an astute observer of the world around her. Schiaparelli, though also focused and determined, could not suppress a soul that yearned for fantasy. 

Both women were hugely successful at the same time. They ran in the same social circles, but appeared to be as different as fire and ice. Their celebrated public rivalry was often bitter- Chanel referring to Schiaparelli as “that Italian artist who is making clothes”, and Schiaparelli referring to Chanel simply as “that milliner”. 

Both women survived two world wars. Both ran houses of haute couture in Paris. 

Both even dressed the enigmatic Gala Dali. 

But the ways in which these two extraordinary women navigated their worlds of couture were as much at odds as were their backgrounds; 

Chanel, an impoverished, abandoned child raised by nuns, and Schiaparelli, born in to an aristocratic class that she rebelled against. 

Chanel, a studied seamstress and skilled milliner, and Schiaparelli, a dabbler in many things artistic who seemed to fall in to fashion design. One woman with her feet firmly on the ground, one with her head in the stars. 

It would be easy to imagine a conversation between them to be a tete-a-tete; a delicious cat-fight. For me, there are too many connections to believe it would be only this. There are too many possibilities- too many hidden hallways between these two women- and I wanted to explore them. 

FABRICATION is a work of fiction. While based strongly in research and close to the facts, the conversation is purely one of my own longing. Longing for that connection between two artists (for Chanel, though she may balk at the word, was an artist).

Two artists whose lives were too closely knit to escape each other, try as they may. This is a story of shared genius, of survival and, ultimately, of respect and deep love. 

I hope you enjoy this surreal conversation.


First revision of FABRICATION is completed and PR is starting to go out (from my computer)!

FABRICATION, a new play by Roxanne Fay will premiere at The Dali Museum, 
St. Petersburg, on November 8, 2017 at 7pm.

“Fabrication,” a new play written by Roxanne Fay and commissioned by the Dalí Museum to highlight the “Dalí Schiaparelli” exhibition, imagines a dialogue between surrealist fashion designer Schiaparelli and her rival, the iconic Coco Chanel.
The play features Debbie Yones as Elsa Schiaparelli. Expect a few surprises- it's surreal.

Cost: $20; $15 Dali Members

Museum doors open at 6:00, Theater doors at 6:45

Café Gala will be open for drinks prior to play.


My new play, Fabrication, premieres Nov. 8th at the Dali Museum!

Written to highlight the incoming major exhibition on Elsa Schiaparelli, the play is taking a great surrealist tone. I am so pleased to have cast the role of Elsa with a wonderful actress and am enjoying the newish experience of crafting a dialogue for two characters. My previous shows have been solo pieces, designed specifically for easy travel to multiple venues in multiple cities and countries. I am really excited about the piece and the advance interest it is receiving from my audiences. 

Performance of My Unspeakable Confessions at the Dali Museum tonight!

Tonight I perform the role of Gala Dali, Salvador Dali's equally puzzling spouse and muse.

The play was written in 2010-11 and was presented in 2011 as part of the celebrations around the opening of the new Dali Museum. Conceived by me and my writing partner-in-crime, Heather Jones. Heather wrote the text and I created the character as well as designing her costume and designing the PR photo. This show has been performed many times at the museum and in other venues (like the GASP! Festival) and it is offered each September at the Dali in recognition of Gala's September birthday. Her birthday is September 7, but we had a little visitor named Irma who crashed our party, so we rescheduled for tonight.

We are also officially sold out!

New storm

A storm of ideas, that is.

Gearing in to the phase of writing that begins to build its own speed as the thoughts and impressions surrounding the research start popping in to the process. I seem to have very strong reactions to Schiaparelli and to Chanel- the 2 fashion idols that are at the core of my new play, titled FABRICATION: Creating the myths of Schiaparelli, Chanel and Dali. I find myself favoring one of the two and rather disliking the other, so the tone of the first draft will be interesting, i am sure.

When home is nowhere

I have just returned to FL after being away for the better part of 10 weeks. I am surprised at how difficult it is for me to adjust this time. After I returned from 6 weeks in the UK last year, I seemed to acclimate quickly. This year is different. Maybe it's because I was on my own a lot- driving from FL to NY to GA to AL to NC and back to FL. Lots of alone time. Many hotel rooms.                    The time in NY was amazing, working on 3 shows with some wonderful people and sharing some profound life experiences- both happy and sorrowful. I am very at home in upstate NY and have been contemplating a move there. Maybe my psyche had all ready made the move and I just didn't follow through, physically. I am also very much inspired by Asheville, NC and am considering going there. Again- maybe my physical being feels that and is no longer comfortable staying in the place I call "home". There is a great pull for me to be in a place where I feel valued and that I contribute to the quality of the community.  I try to do that here and have been blessed with very significant recognition from Creative Pinellas in the form of the grant awarded me. I am grateful for the support. At present, I have 3 shows coming up this fall and am so looking forward to beginning The Tempest, which opens in January 2018. I am VERY fortunate, I know, but I still struggle with feeling unfulfilled and, I admit, underutilized. That may be nothing more than my desire for "love" or whatever it's called, and I certainly don't wish to become ubiquitous, but it is the reality of my mind today. Tomorrow? Who knows?