Cocktails with the Maestro - education for everyone!

We love that we are able to bring opera to Tampa Bay. And we want to reach EVERYONE in Tampa Bay! I've had SO many people come up to me recently to tell me that they never knew they loved opera, but then they heard us at Saturday Morning Market, or at the Hollander Tap Room, or any number of public spaces. We'll be outside at the SunDial next week. You name the place, we'll bring the opera! 

One way we've been able to bring operatic joy to people is through our Maestro Series, which began with select Evenings with the Maestro performances in the back of The Music Gallery piano shop in Clearwater. The Series has expanded significantly throughout the years to include a tremendously successful Mornings with the Maestro at the MFA in St. Pete and select Afternoons with the Maestro in various senior living facilities and churches.

These 90-minute, fun and educational programs feature great singing performances and a chance to meet our artists, have been so instrumental in allowing people to learn that they truly love and appreciate opera that we identified the need to reach an even greater demographic. Hence, this season we added an Afternoon series at Peace Memorial Church in Clearwater, and a Cocktails with the Maestro series at the Iberian Rooster in St. Pete. Our first Cocktails performance completely sold out, and the program was enthusiastically received by seasoned opera goers and complete opera novices alike. We hope to get another great crowd at our Magic Flute Maestro Series, "Mommie Dearest," in January.