Getting to Know You- Day 1


At the Museum we are all getting ready to launch our third year of working with the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches (FSYR). We were honored when local arts supporter, Tom Ris, reached out to us about an idea of bringing the kids from FSYR together with local and internationally known artists. Day 1 of this program brings everyone together- teaching artists with the young artists (the youth and house parents). It's the day we explore the Museum looking for inspiration and learning to feel at home in a new environment. Each of the teaching artists shares when they got their start making art, why they love creating art, and what they will teach in their class. Each of the young artists shares what grade they are in and what type of art they like to make. 

This is the day that sets the foundation of our program: A multi-month journey that will help students discover, refine, and develop their own artistic vision resulting in an exhibition and reception at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg.