From the Artists...

Here are some end of project reflections from the teaching artists...

Steven Kenny: "The thing that amazed me about working with the students was how little
direction and encouragement they needed. Each of them eagerly dove into
each project, easily followed the instructions, and very often took the
assignment far beyond what was expected. That was wonderful to see!"

John Gascot: "Teaching my mixed media class to the Sheriff's Youth Ranch was fulfilling in many ways. The kids were more receptive about experimenting with alternative materials than I could have predicted. Their enthusiasm and excitement was contagious."

Elizabeth Barenis: "What surprised me was the children's courage to deviate from the teacher's example and create their own original version of the project. I always encourage students to make it their own, and the children of this class needed very little encouragement in that came naturally to them. And what an awesome thing to watch the projects evolve in unique and unexpected ways!"

Richard Seidel: "The class was very excited about the sketch, and watercolor class.  Last year, we passed out sketch books to the students.  I was amazed when they brought last year sketch books, to this years class,   and showed me what they had drawn .  I always explain that the sketch book is a place to go when your angry, unhappy, or bored.  You begin to draw, or write down your feelings, and things seem to get better. They actually listened, and followed through with my instructions. The art classes makes the students feel special.  A girl in the class, named Harmony, said she was not interested in doing art one Saturday.  I suggested we make a book. Eventually the frown on her face, turned upside down.   She became very involved in all of the following classes. I learned about her Family, and why she was staying at the Ranch. I truly think we are planting the seed, that will make some of these Children grow up and be fine artists.  This is a great program, that opens the doors to Children who probably would never visit a museum, or even have the opportunity to sit down and work on  a art project. "