Do What Feels Right

Throughout this multi-month project, both students and cottage parents were encouraged to think about each session. We would do gallery walks at the end of class. This allowed us to take time to walk by each person's creation that day. We would share what we liked about the class and sometimes what might of surprised us.

When it came to choose the works of art for the exhibition, we asked the students to think about why they chose the work they did. They wrote their name, the title of the work, and why they chose the piece on a sheet of paper. This information would help the Museum make labels for the exhibition. 

In this photo, you will see two examples of some of our students responses to the assignment: "Feeling it was fun" and "Makes me feel good". When students have such positive memories of being part of this project, what more could we ask for? We are so grateful we had the opportunity to be a part of their artistic journey.