Balloon Bowls- Session 7

Elizabeth Barenis taught this fun class on papier mache. The following is an excerpt from a blog post she created about this class...

"...I decided on a project that would demand their full attention, something where they could get really messy and divert their focus from whatever troubles they might be facing from being separated from their families. Thus, I chose paper mache. More specifically, we would make "balloon bowls."

When the students arrived, they were welcomed by a plastic-covered floor and tables lined with piles of newspapers next to aluminum pans filled with flour. Only a couple of the 24 students knew how the materials would be used. After watching a brief slideshow about paper mache, we got started..... Most of the children loved submerging their hands into the flour mixture, feeling the texture and coolness of it. They remarked on its smell, like that of pancakes. A couple of them were hesitant to touch the paste and "get their hands dirty," but eventually they relinquished.

When the balloon "bowls" were complete, I had smaller balloons available for students to paper mache and create ornaments. By the end of the class, everyone was having fun with the extra balloons - inflating them, popping them, and taking a few home for later. It felt like a party. It was fun, and that's the way art should be. That's the way life should be."

The text and photos are from Elizabeth Barenis blog

The text and photos are from Elizabeth Barenis blog