Expressive Color: Day 2

Today's teaching artist was Saori Murphy. She got us off to an expressive start with an awesome creative ice-breaker. Everyone, even the shy ones, stood in a circle. We each took turns saying our name and then used our entire bodies to make an expressive movement about how we were feeling. But, wait there's more... EVERYONE (including shy grown-ups) in the circle had to mimic the movement. Picture kids waving their arms in the air and jumping to show excitement- and then a room full of kids and grown-ups mirroring those movements. Fun, lots of fun, and we were ready to get painting!

Saori taught us how to mix colors on the canvas. She emphasized movement as we mixed the colors. We used hair dryers to help this first step dry. The second step was to use black paint to create silhouettes or "windows" either to block out the parts we didn't like or highlight the parts that intrigued us. At the end, we all did a gallery walk around the room and checked out our work. 

saori class.JPG