Inside the Performance| PART ONE: trust me. trust you. trust us.

Most of the creative choices I make are normally when I’m performing with other musicians or artists. There is a certain “magic” in which happens that cannot be written down and spelled out into a composition. This is where trust becomes the most important quality to me as composer and musician.

I have the extreme luxury to have a trio of musicians to compose for during this grant process. You don’t always know the musicians who will perform your compositions, but when you do, you can write for them and lean on them to enhance the song. I understand the strengths and weakness of each musician and they know mine. The pieces I’m composing fall under the instrumental jazz genre and a very important part of this genre is improvisation. This is where trust enters.

As a composer, you must trust your musician’s intuition and as a musician, you must be open to new ideas and trust in the artists around you. Both the composer and performing artists should trust the audience/listener and be open to any necessary shifts/changes in the artistic environment.

Improvising is presented at many levels and while a composition may be written on specific themes and written to invoke various emotions or energy, the interpretation can go in many directions. Outside the performance, all the performing artists will experience different environments, emotions and energies, which can and should positively affect the composition. I welcome their human experiences into my compositions.