Public Art Continued

DFW Art Collection: Terminal D Floor Medallions

In 2005 I was commissioned to design a 20’ floor mosaic for Terminal D at the DFW Airport.

In my experience, I found that many airport art works were abstact and were often perceived as an interior design element. I wanted to attract a passerby and so it was my goal to have the content express a particular point of view, or to express my Opinion.

In designing Dance! Dont Walk, I wanted to create an active image that would instantly engage those walking across it. I wanted to provide an imaginary distraction, making people think about doing something liberating and entertaining.

Nostalgic but egalitarian As weary travelers walk across the medallion they might momentarily join the two business people dancing, throwing their briefcases away, enjoying the sense of freedom that air travel can bring.

Upon reflection today, I would re-write the last sentence to say: As weary travelers….. enjoying the sense of freedom that air travel brought at one time. This piece was conceived before 9/11. At the time Terminal D was being built we had only begun to experience so many changes in our world.