Hurricane Irma

Repaired Landscape, oil and gold leaf on raw linen, 16x20", 2017


Repaired Landscape

When hurricane Irma threatened the Tampa Bay area in October, 2017, we all went through difficult times. We had days to prepare, which was both a blessing and a curse. In our case, we had more time to roll up the rugs, elevate our furniture, cover the windows etc. and to agonize about what would happen to St. Petersburg if a Category 5 hurricane came. It could destroy most of our city. We evacuated to my art studio, which is on high grounds and hoped for the best. As it turned out, the hurricane weakened to a catagory 2 and we suffered little damage and no flooding. Weeks later, the threat is still on my mind and I painted a 16 x 20” round image on raw canvas thinking about it.


The piece has been named Repaired Landscape and has two layers. The background has a fuzzy ominous dark waterscape and the forground is a pattern made with imitation gold leaf. The leaf pattern refers to the traditional Japanese method of repairing pottery with gold leaf called kintsukuroi..