(In/Af)finities Exhibition Now Open at The Morean Arts Center

My new exhibition (In/Af)finities (which can also be read as Infinite Affinities, Infinities, and Affinities), a two artist collaboration with my dear friend Casey McDonough is now open at the Morean Arts Center. The opening was originally scheduled for September 8, but was rescheduled to the 22nd after Irma erased two weeks from all of our lives:) The reception and gallery talk went very well. Thank you to everyone that made it out on such notice and thank you to the wonderful Morean staff for being such great hosts throughout. Sorry to those who didn't know about it, but no worries because we will host another reception during the Second Saturday Art Walk on the evening of October 14. The exhibition will remain until October 29, at which point I will post professional documentation of the works by Casey's wife Laura who is a gifted artist and amazing photographer. Thanks to Ken Jensen for the great images of the opening reception below.

I had originally planned to release several posts showing the background and process of this work prior to the opening date, but since that did not work out, I will be posting those over the next few days.


A few words about the work:

"McDonough and Jensen probe the analogous and infinitely related structures of our universe, from the microscopic to the macrocosmic." 

These brand new works are the result of my studio practice (as described in my Bio post below) evolving and expanding over the past few years. Shifting away from using found specimen as the primary art making materials, I have begun to focus on more intentional manipulation and reproduction of the natural forms and patterns using more traditional sculptural materials. These new creations remain meticulously faithful to the original forms, while simultaneously exploring ecstatic new possibilities through wild exaggerations in composition, scale and color.

The source forms for Supernova Remnant and Merging Galaxies are currently on exhibit at the Ruach Gallery on the CCHS campus - www.cchs.us/arts/guestartist.cfm, or you can view the pieces on my website - http://www.kennyjensen.com/ancestral-forest/. The source for the largest work Expanding Universe is pictured below and on view in the gallery.

Thanks to my sponsors:

I would like to express my deep gratitude for those who have helped make this exhibition possible. The generous financial sponsorship of my sister and brother in law Rachel and Erin Jensen Akil along with my dear friends Dave and Beth Engelman helped provide the time and resources needed to produce these works. Additional funds to help with art material costs were provided by the Creative Pinellas 2017 Emerging Artist Grant.

Additional Thanks:

Thank you to curators Amanda Cooper and Kelsey Nagy for organizing this exhibition. I would like to give special thanks to my family and friends who provided assistance and moral support throughout this process. I am excited for this opportunity to exhibit with my friend Casey in whom I have developed quite an affinity. I am grateful for his inspiration and encouragement throughout. My father Ken Jensen provided much encouragement and assistance with many aspects of the process. Thank you to our faithful Floating Woods neighbors Royd and Sarah Whedon for their friendship and generosity. I am finally very grateful to my wife and collaborator Maggie Jensen and my son Cedar for their continual support and care throughout this often difficult but rewarding journey.