Say Something.

Most of the time when I construct a new piece I layer concepts until the meaning is only recognizable to myself or the performers. It is one of the joys as a choreographer to hear the audience member's interpretation of the work. My goal in creating is to evoke feeling without dictating, to make you laugh, cry and sit on the edge of your seat. That is its sole purpose.

For the Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist exhibition I chose differently. 

Zelimkham Bakaev is Chechen pop star that left his home in Moscow to visit the capital, Grozny, for his sister's wedding and never returned. It is suspected that authorities of the Chechen Government arrested, tortured, and killed the 26 year old as apart of an Anti-Gay crackdown. There have been reports that this anti-gay campaign has affected several hundred men.

In a world that most of the time I feel very powerless my art give me a voice. My performance at the exhibition is my small protest.