If you don't like how the table is set, turn the table over.

Looking back at all of the roads I've taken, my gut feeling is usually right but not everything ends the way it was anticipated. Sometimes the end product is total garbage, because not every piece will be a masterpiece. Unlike my YMCA soccer team, not everyone gets a trophy.

A majority of my millennial peers use this trophy example as a negative connotation.  "I can't believe society preprogramed me to believe that I will be rewarded in everything I do."  Its time to do a rewiring. I'm sure the season wasn't empty. You made friends, you spent time outside,  you learned how to work with others, and unknowingly tested different basic analytical and strategical skills. Why can't the trophy be about the process? 

Stop complaining, look at things from a different perspective, and find the positive.

Your uber driver is probably working on a hot new start up and we used to smoke in airplanes. 

Flip the table.