Kellie Harmon

Kellie Harmon is a powerhouse of athleticism paired with the artistic sensibility for nuanced isolations. Her choreography has a unique ability to bring the audience on an emotional, educational and spiritual journey that causes them to question the boundaries of expression through the body. Kellie has choreographed and taught master classes for Santa Fe College, St. Petersburg College and the University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus. Kellie’s experiences outside of Florida have inspired her to bring her signature voice to the local modern dance community by founding Rogue Dance. Beyond her own company, Kellie is also a founding member of the St. Petersburg Dance Alliance and seeks to curate professional dance in the Southeast. Kellie has studied in Paris and holds a BFA in Modern Dance from the University of South Florida. She has performed works from Jacqulyn Buglisi, Doug Varone, Marina Mascarell Martinez, Paul Selwyn Norton, Rosie Herrera, Stephanie Batten-Bland and Doug Gillespie.