Surviving the Storm

I survived the storm... fared pretty well from Hurricane Irma as well. I made it through a first draft, even with a Cat 3 hurricane raging outside.

I feel drunk, but haven't been drinking. Writing can really do a number on your head. I get tired going to the gym, but when I write, I get exhausted. I'm always thrilled when I can complete a feature length script. It's an accomplishment. A marathon. Something that seems so daunting that I fear I'll never be able to finish. This was a challenge unlike any other - an adaptation of a blog (LA Stories) that covered seven years of a girl's life. But I did it... all 160 pages!

160 pages is a bit much for a screenplay. Most films are no more than 120 pages (you estimate one page per minute of screen time). For comedies, 90-100 pages max. Oh, geez. Did I write a script that's too long? Is this story simply too complex to turn into an hour and a half film? Should it have been a mini-series? A TV show? A novel? F*******CK!

...After a good night's rest, I looked at the problem with fresh eyes. Remember that editor's cap? Maybe I can chop it down a bit. A lot. I'm going to need a chainsaw. Thank goodness there was a hurricane.