Jeff George

Writer/Director Jeff George was born and raised in Clearwater and began his filmmaking career in high school as an intern with the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission. A recipient of the Commission’s “Linda Perry Touch the Future Scholarship,” Jeff began making films at The George Washington University, where his first short won third place at the school's annual film festival. 

A film school graduate of New York University and University of Central Florida, Jeff's senior thesis "g.p." took home honors from a number of national film festivals. Jeff honed his craft by directing short films, commercials, and industrials, working in a variety of on-set positions. Jeff worked with producers from Phoenix Pictures on "Basic," starring John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, while observing the direction of John McTiernan, then as the Camera PA on "The Punisher," working under D.P. Conrad Hall, Jr. and Writer/Director Johnathan Hensleigh. 

Writing has been a passion for Jeff since a young age. Although the focus has been on directing, Jeff has pursued the “Writer” part of Writer/Director more actively in the last few years, having penned a few feature length scripts. For Jeff, screenwriting allows a true expression of voice through an exploration of themes, characters, and questions. His stories originate from experiences, emotions, and people he’s encountered, with an emphasis on cultural issues that have personal impact. Using fictional narrative and the universal language of film, Jeff strives to both entertain and enhance understanding of ourselves and each other.

As a local, born and bred, Jeff hopes to make Pinellas County his home as a professional filmmaker, embracing existing talent and resources and encouraging a serious filmmaking community to thrive. Embracing both the creative and commercial aspects of the art form, Jeff looks forward to expanding strong visual storytelling in the area in a sustainable way.