When is the next Emerging Artists workshop?

Monday, April 3, 5:30p-7p, Dunedin Fine Art Center, (1143 Michigan Blvd. Dunedin.)

What is an Emerging Artist Grant?

The Emerging Artist Grant Program provides a financial award of $2,000. for the production of new work leading to an exhibition or performance (October date TBD) at the close of the Grant Award Period. This award seeks to assist in the recognition and support of artists early in their artistic careers, regardless of age, who are gaining momentum, who may be at a critical juncture in their career when this support would be the most impactful.


What are the categories in which an emerging artist may apply?

Grants are offered in the following disciplines:




Media Arts

Music Composition

Theatre/Musical Theatre

Visual Arts


How do I choose the appropriate category in which to apply?

Ultimately, this decision starts and ends with the applicant: applications will be disqualified if they do not meet the guidelines – eligible Emerging Artist applications will be reviewed in the public panel process. The panel will score applicants based upon the applications and materials submitted. Review the guidelines carefully; if you have further questions at that point, please contact the HelpDesk for advice. HelpDesk@creativepinellas.org


Can an applicant apply in more than one category?

No. Applicants may submit only one application in a selected discipline.


How should I choose which of my work to submit?  

Choose work that represents your vision as an artist. Work samples should be of work completed in the last ten or fifteen years depending upon discipline. See the guidelines to determine your discipline’s requirements. Regarding review criteria, artistic excellence accounts for 50% of the applicants score. This can be achieved by showing the panel samples of work you do well. The job of the work sample is to strengthen your artistic identity. The panelists need to understand your work enough to peak their interest and to score your application well.


How important is my resume/CV? 

An applicant’s resume/CV is a way to give the panelists a full picture of the artist’s accomplishments and context for their work. Artistic activity and achievement accounts for 25% of an applicants score. Do not submit a narrative bio in place of a resume/CV.


Can an artist apply if they are taking a college or university class in an unrelated subject?  Can an artist apply if they are registered in a degree-granting program in an unrelated subject? 

No. Regardless of your field of study, undergraduate students are ineligible to apply for an Emerging Artist Grant. No students taking a class in an unrelated subject may apply.


If I am a graduate student, am I eligible to apply for an Emerging Artist Grant?

Yes, graduate students in an art discipline listed above are eligible to apply.


I am interested in applying for an Emerging Artist Grant but want to know if there are rules as to how I can use the funds, if awarded to me? 

The Emerging Artist Grant Program provides a financial award for the production of new work leading to an exhibition or performance at the close of the Grant Award Period.


Is it required of applicants to attend the Panel Review on June 21, 2017?

All applicants are strongly encouraged to attend the June 21, 2017 Panel Review. Locate TBD)


When are the grantees announced?

All grantees will be notified of the final decision for an award in June, 2017. The names of all Grantees will then be listed online at creativepinellas.org


If I receive an award, what must I do?

Grantees must first verify their Pinellas County residency. Once a recipient has received notification of their award, they will be required to submit documentation verifying their residency for at least one complete year prior to the application deadline of June 21, 2017. Valid proof includes your name and Pinellas County address issued at least 12 months prior to June 21, 2017 on a copy of a legible Florida Drivers License, Passport, Property Tax Receipt, Florida Vehicle Registration, Florida Voters Registration Card or Florida Full-time Employment Documents (most current pay stub and one at least twelve months prior to June 21, 2017.). Each Grantee must submit a Final Report on the Emerging Artist Grant Period. Creative Pinellas recommends that individuals concerned about tax liability regarding their grant award follow the advice of their accountant.

Grantees are required to complete a Final Report which details expenditures and activities during the Grant Period. The Grant Period is July 1 through October 26, 2017. TheFinal Report is due 10 days after the end of the funding period, November 9, 2017.

Grantees will be required to contribute to a designated blog on no less than a bi-monthly basis to document the activities the grant funding has provided through photos, videos and the written word. Grantees will also be required to attend no less than two “Conversation with the Emerging Artists” open to the public and to be scheduled during the Grant Period.


I haven’t received notification about the status of my application. When should I contact Creative Pinellas?

All applicants will be notified via email in June 2017 whether or not they have received an Emerging Artist Grant. If you have not received a notification by June 30, please contact Creative Pinellas.


Do I have to answer the questions posed in the section “Artist Statement” OR if I have a prepared Artist Statement can I just submit it instead?

If your Artist Statement serves to answer the questions posed, then yes submit your Artist Statement as is. Otherwise, Creative Pinellas would recommend folding in the answers to the questions into your Artist Statement or add as a supplement to your Artist Statement.


May I ask Creative Pinellas to review or proof my application?

Creative Pinellas recommends having a trusted colleague review your application prior to submission. Creative Pinellas is unable to review or proof your application.


Can Creative Pinellas help me with my online application?

Members of Creative Pinellas are available to answer specific questions about the application materials and forms. For Guidelines and General Application assistance contact the HelpDesk at HelpDesk@creativepinellas.org. For Online Technical Assistance contact Danny Olda at media@creativepinellas.org. Creative Pinellas does not review full proposals or provide edits to text in advance of the application deadline.


May I mail in a copy of the application to apply for an Emerging Artists Grant?

No. All applications must be submitted via our online application.


Does my application need to have a project or community engagement component?

While community engagement component is not needed, the Grantees must produce new work.


Can a collaborative partnership apply for an Emerging Artist Grant?

Yes, absolutely, you may apply as an artistic collaboration. Be sure to list both names on the first line such as Name/Name and be sure to place your business name, if applicable, in the DBA field. Compose your application with combined information in fields such as CV/Resume and Artist Statement, etc.


If I determine I made a mistake after submitting my application, may I correct and re-submit my application?

Once an applicant has Certified and Submitted an application, no edits, additions or corrections made be made to the application. No re-submissions will be accepted. Applicants are advised to have a trusted colleague review the application for clarity and completeness prior to submission.


I am a musician but I don’t see “musicians” as an artist category. Am I eligible to apply?

Musicians are eligible to apply under Music Composer or Interdisciplinary in this FY2017 Emerging Artist Grant cycle ONLY if they are the original creator of the submitted work samples supporting their application.

Music Composers are an eligible artist category for the FY2017 Emerging Artist Grant cycle.


I am an actor but I don’t see “actors” as an artist category.  Am I eligible to apply?

Actors are eligible to apply under Theatre/Musical Theatre or Interdisciplinary in this FY2017 Emerging Artist cycle ONLY if they are the original creator of the submitted work samples supporting their application.


Must I write my application all in one sitting OR am I able to save my work and return later to complete the application?

Yes, the application is divided into pages. Each completed page can be saved. An applicant can complete and save as many pages as they wish and then return to continue their application. A unique URL is provided to the applicant when they first go online to apply.


Can I see a preview of my application before submission?

Yes. Prior to submission, a preview of application will be presented for a final review.


Will I receive a copy of my submitted application?

Yes, your completed application (PDF) will be emailed to you after submission.


Do spaces count toward the overall character count in the text fields?

Yes, both letters and spaces apply to the character count.