ACT introduces youth to new learning opportunities and experiences in an arts-based curriculum. These are youth that would otherwise not have the chance to participate in the types of activities ACT provides. The arts are the magnet we use to draw students in, teach them not only an artistic skill, but also give them perspective on themselves, the community around them, and opportunities that are available for their futures.

A $5,000 grant from Creative Pinellas will support artist instructor fees for visual arts classes. These classes are held 4 days a week during the summer months and twice a week for 8 weeks during the school year at the Enoch Davis Center. ACT uses an arts platform to engage today’s youth and teen population in activities that support their development as productive, caring, community-minded citizens.

ACT’s visual arts classes will serve 40 youth ages 11 thru 18 years old. ACT’s efforts primarily focus on youth whose ability to participate in summer and afterschool arts education programming would otherwise be limited by geography and economics. This philosophy was the initial motivating factor for creating ACT – to provide a space for youth and teens to learn, grow, and develop into community-minded citizens through arts education regardless of circumstances at birth.

Our teaching artists are working professionals who have real-world experience. Students will be actively engaged in weekly workshops that teach introductory skills to the visual arts medium. Students will learn basic drawing and painting techniques and be exposed to a variety of two and three-dimensional materials and mediums. Students will begin to learn about specific artists and their individual styles. They will also maintain a journal where they will keep class notes, ideas, and sketches. Students will create a portfolio of work throughout the workshop that demonstrates increasing skill and ability. They will create a final art project to be showcased at an exhibit and reception for family, friends, and the community at the Enoch Davis Center.

In addition to weekly workshops, students will also be exposed to various arts experiences. As a demographic that typically does not have the means or ability to take part in arts-related activities, ACT makes it a priority to take students on field trips to local art institutions, museums, and art galleries.

Because of ACT’s relationships in the community, students who complete the 8-week workshop have the opportunity to have their artwork displayed at ACT events, the Enoch Davis Center, and other locations throughout the city and county.

With help from Creative Pinellas, ACT is able to continue to provide the visual arts workshop as part of its arts magnet programming. Workshops will take place at the Enoch Davis Center 1111 18th Avenue S, St. Petersburg, FL 33705. Visit Us