Imagination Station at Great Explorations

The children had a great time watching their imaginations come to life during the final week of summer camp at Great Explorations!

This week Ms. Celia highlighted artist Vincent Van Gogh and taught the children how to make Sunflowers using paper and pipe cleaners. Of the project Celia said, "we focused on 3D art this week and bringing all the fun things we learned in art together for one project. The campers were excited to learn about Van Gogh. They even recognized some of his famous artwork! Because we were using so many different materials it was fun to see such a cohesive but still independent result from everyone."

Children wrote stories, decorated 3D books, and learned about the art of printmaking through a paint printmaking activity. They used different materials to decorate treasure chests as they discovered the treasure of stories!

Campers made their characters come to life through the use of bobble head characters that will forever remind them of their camp experiences as Great Ex.

The focus this week on imaginative characters was a fun reminder of the beauty of a child's imagination.

We have had so much fun this summer giving children the opportunity to develop a love for the arts through the use of self-expression during our weekly art projects.

These experiences were all made possible with the support of Creative Pinellas and the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners. Thank you for your support and for following the camp children's experiences this summer!