Swept Away...a tangent

Hurricane Irma passed through St. Petersburg during the early morning hours of September 11, 2017. I was awake with my family, listening to the sound of the wind's push and pull at the windows, while outside the trees bore the storm as best they could and as their roots and branches would allow. The lights flickered, but by some miracle, we retained power throughout the night. The eye moved past us at just about 20 miles to the east, sparing our city from the brunt of the storm - a blessing for which I am still giving thanks.

The days leading up to the storm saw the city's population in a caution-turned-frenzy type of preparation. Everything was put on hold, and the priority became to secure water, food, and our homes. The possibility that we could face devastation became a real threat. It was a time to identify which possessions were most important and resign myself to the idea of letting go of everything else.

As a consequence, my current art projects were set aside. And, in order to move forward, I am now paying respect to the event and sharing some of the thoughts which were stirred during the past two weeks. I typed the words onto a self portrait. With a typewriter. Yes, those still do exist. And who doesn't love a few deep thoughts? :)

I hope you and yours fared well. At the end of the day, all we have is each other.