Regression to the Mean

In order to truly know ourselves, we must be willing to deconstruct and evaluate the multitude of pieces that form our identity and our personal reality; in so doing we gain perspective, and perhaps there is an alteration in our fundamental functions once reassembled as the only expectation that remains relevant is the intermittency of change along a generally stable defined measurement of normality. Eventually everything regresses to the mean...
— Regression to the Mean for Flute & Electronics

For the past several months, I have been working on a conceptual piece for flute, which will be premiered by the amazing flautist Miguel Hijar. The score has been one of the most intricate and detail oriented ones that I have formulated to date because each movement requires the performer to embody a different philosophical ideology. The piece is about the exploration of the self, the exploration of the relationship a musician has with their instrument, the relationship that the instrument has with the space in which it exists, and less about entertainment for the audience. In this work, the audience is a conscious observer that is sometimes explored as a resonating body that intra-acts with the flute and acoustics of the space. SPOILER ALERT - Miguel literally deconstructs a flute in the middle of the piece; which is wholly exciting for me because the interest of the object suddenly shifts from what it does to what it is... but enough spoilers for now! You'll have to wait until Miguel releases video documentation of the work for all the goodies that have been stuffed into this solo flute piece!


I'm almost at the end of the tunnel and ready to ship the elements of the score to Miguel. I am thoroughly excited to see how he interprets the work and to hear about how it effects, reflects, disconnects, or generally alters his perception of the relationship he has with his instrument and performance spaces.

While the light of completion is in sight, I still have a great deal of work to do before I mail everything out this weekend... It is time for this lady to get BACH TO WORK!