Keep Pushing Forward

My schedule hasn't really slowed down, but I'm definitely getting more comfortable with documentation of myself. When you are a performing artist your physical image is so closely linked to your profession that underlying frustration can set in and fester quite quickly if you aren't happy with what you see in the mirror. The last year has been one of continuing acceptance and adaptation as my body re-morphed into that of a capable dancer. The numbers on the scales don't necessarily mean much to me... but I feel strength in my core and an improving self-esteem. 

The following is a short film made from rehearsal footage for a duo with me using Source Audio Hot Hands to trigger synthesized sounds through movement with my dear friend Thomas Milovac on upright bass. The fixed media encompasses poetry by myself and Maureen McDole, that has also been used in another work of mine which features choreography by Helen Hansen French. The film below is an exploration of my personal choreographic voice... and how it relates to a sonic conversation with another musical creative.