Moments Along the Path

The last month has been absolutely wonderfully busy. I've been afforded a lot of opportunities in both the dance and music sectors of my practice. July started with travels to Omaha, Nebraska to premiere a new work with Helen Hansen French, and revived an older work that Helen had choreographed on me for a showcase of works in progress at St. Pete Opera in mid-July. I subbed for a chamber orchestra in Orlando, played back-to-back shows, alternated between dance and music rehearsals, in addition to modeling for a photo shoot at a junkyard. AND THE BAKER-BARGANIER DUO RELEASED OUR DEBUT ALBUM! You can check out the album via Bandcamp an expect it on all channels for digital distribution by the beginning of next week!

Kellie Harmon & The Baker-Barganier Duo Recorded live at St. Petersburg Opera Company on July 14, 2017 In this work, Elizabeth A. Baker MIDI mapped Wiimotes that are attached to Kellie Harmon, as she moves Kellie becomes a musical instrument and the Baker-Barganier Duo (which had been coding via Supercollier) becomes a defacto musical trio.

One thing that has changed is that I am making more of a conscious effort to document more of my performances and working processes. The biggest change is that amidst a schedule that would make most people cry, I have found little flowers and moments of wonder along the path. While I don't have a great deal of time to physically spend with friends, I've integrated Skype power lunches into my week, so I can spend time with wonderful people who are often on the other side of the country or world. I've rediscovered the joy of writing well-thought and detailed letters. When I was driving home from chamber orchestra rehearsal in Orlando to get ready for dance rehearsal in St. Petersburg, I caught a glimpse of the watercolour sky from the bridge as the Sun dipped below the sky. As we were leaving Omaha, I stumbled upon a groove from the large construction machines and just had to stop to take a field recording. Helen and I took our GoPros out as we happened upon several unexpected parks and other interesting spaces during our travels, we have enough footage for a dance film as soon as we finish will some live projects in St. Petersburg!

Command Voices for Piano & Vibrating Objects Elizabeth A. Baker (composer/performer) Recorded live at St. Petersburg Opera Company on July 14, 2017. Command Voices In patients with psychosis, command voices are the ones that instruct them to do destructive things or behave in a certain manner.

While I work incredibly hard to push myself in my art and fulfill engagements related to my career... I'm constantly reminded along the path, that there is time to laugh, time to love, time to be grateful for this precious fragile gift of life.