What happens when you make music with vibrators?

Recently, I started taking my philisophical concepts about non-authoritative relationships between musician and instrument in to the real world. I started by experimenting with my primary instrument the traditional piano. Very logically, I deduced that putting vibrators in the piano would make it speak to me and  drastically change my conversation.

I did a short improvisation with one vibrator and posted it on Facebook for friends and colleagues to see and the next morning, I wake up to a sea of questions about my work. Ray Roa from Creative Loafing did a great interview with me for an article and that led to requests for radio performances and other opportunities.

I must say that I am very pleased that people are embracing my work, and interested in the concepts behind my methods. Since there have been so many inquiries about my piece Command Voices for Piano & Vibrating Objects, I created a couple of videos. The work always spins out in a new way because each piano has different quirks and in many ways this parallels the life of a psychotic patient, who has a variety of responses and interactions with their auditory hallucinations from day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year.

On July 14th at St, Petersburg Opera, I will present my first public performance of Command Voices alongside many other works by local choreographers, Helen Hansen French and Kellie Harmon; in addition to new compositions by my duo with Erich Barganier.

For now, please enjoy some iterations of Command Voices!