The Lessons You Learn Through Observation


A lot of lessons can be learned without words, lectures, speeches, videos, or other direct means of contact.

Some of the most important lessons I have learned have come from the times where I was just observing. I have a musical big sister, her name is Jade Simmons and every time I see Jade after a concert, I watch how she masterfully navigates a room.

What I have learned from Jade in these instances, is no matter how successful or famous one becomes, EVERY PERSON HAS VALUE. When someone speaks to Jade no matter what their station in life, she looks at them and is completely engaged in that conversation. Though she is an absolute powerhouse that commands a room the moment she walks in, her grace makes everyone feel as though they are the most important person that she is speaking to in the moment.

When I finish playing a concert, I'm frequently approached by people wanted to ask questions and engage in conversation with me. While I learned at an early age the importance of being cordial with your public, it has been through observing Jade that I have learned how one's interaction with a person off-stage can be just as profound as the magic that we create as performers on stage.

As artists we have the ability to influence the hearts of others in performance, but in one-on-one interactions we have the power to uplift and inspire them to live purposefully.

People can still remember the conversations that they had with their favorite artist years later, and many people will say that a single five minute conversation had a profound effect on their life. Once one realizes this humbling gift that has been bestowed upon artists from the heavens, any ideals of superiority melt away and are replaced with grace as well as clarity of purpose.

An artist, is in service of something greater than themselves.