Back to Black & White

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time with concert grand and semi-concert grand pianos. Apart from my going back to concert preparation for tours and upcoming events, there's an extra special reason as to why I've been spending less time with toy pianos and more time with their larger cousins. I'm working on a new album, which will be the first that is not distributed by me. I can't reveal the specifics just yet but stay tuned for an official announcement of epic proportions.

Even though my piano practice is quite regimented when preparing for recording and other engagements, I think it is important to always allow time in each practice session for improvisation. Why? Improvisation frees one from the pressures of deadlines and perfection that notated music can often bring; and through this freedom, one reestablishes a relationship with their instrument. It is like being in a marriage, you can't just spend all your time going about the mundane tasks of living with another person, one must remember to have an occasional date night... to seek to always learn something new about that person that you know so well. In improvisation there is always something to be discovered, if one lets go and becomes one with the instrument while paying attention to how the instrument reacts to one's touch, one's energy, the space around it... 

Here's a recent improvisation from a rehearsal last week at The Palladium, where one half of my upcoming album will be recorded: