Creative Pinellas 2017 Impact Returns Youth Arts Education Grant Funds will be used for payment of partial instructor’s fees for three separate camps (one instructor per camp per week) in the DFAC Art Academy as outlined in the Budget details for a total of $5,000.  The three camps are NEW iPad Explorations (8 -11 yrs.) and NEW Mural Madness for teens (12 – 16 yrs.) along with a daily clay class for the 4.5 – 5 year olds in the Mini Masters Camps. These three camps operate 9am – 3pm weekly for 10 weeks. In the iPad Explorations camp, students learn to use technology to create artwork. They also learn how to create art work traditionally then manipulate it through the using the following apps: Percolator, Glaze, Pottery, sketchbook, pixlr, pic stitch, I motion, pixlromatic, wiki art, juxtaposer, drawing pad, word foto and more. In the Mural Madness camp, students learn how to do scale drawings, grid method, enlarging, painting and working cooperatively on a single work of art on a large scale brought to life through group effort and imagination. The Mini Masters Clay class meets for 45 minutes each day of each summer camp week where they learn slab, coil and pinch methods working with clay. Each camp use the theme of the week as their point of inspiration with 10 different weekly themes.