I collect stories, memories, and moments.

I do not subscribe to the romantic notion of the creative genius - the inspiration to create is a calculated choice.

For me, inspiration has to do with observation and because I create characters, every person is a potential muse. Much of my art practice is listening, watching, and encouraging tales to be told. Lengthy, tangent-stricken conversations lead to memories not necessarily deemed important but usually the most insightful.

The telepathy between best friends, the transformative qualities of a gesture or phrase out of context, the countless little things we do alone we don’t dare admit, and the hiccups in propriety after intimate confessions are just a few of moments I’ve collected.

My notes from years ago may mashup with a sight or sound from a minute ago. I work the pieces and manipulate their edges until they fit together and a character is born. 

Of course, artwork is inspirational too. I am currently on pins and needles after watching Chantal Akerman’s 3 hour study of a mother.

Chantel Akerman

…I collect things too. In some ways these things, out in the world, give form to feminine experience I’m trying to understand. Here is a recent acquisition I can't keep my eyes off of.

Just a normal advertisement. It's no secret. 

Just a normal advertisement. It's no secret.