Labor Paaaains

I always conveniently forget the manual labor hours needed to successfully pull off an installation. Maybe because I spend so much time working with screens I forget about the physical manifestation.

Not that I’ve embarked down this road many times – typically my work is presented on a screen from the small selection of screens a gallery has available. In some cases, there is a bit more involved like hanging a screen and projector from a ceiling, installing pedestals and similar but I have to admit that it has most always been done for me.

But this time, I spent the last week executing an idea which existed only in my mind. I learned how to build a pedestal, how to navigate the aisles of hardware stores and confidently gather materials, how to drill,cut, sand, screw, and paint like a boss.

 I also learned:

-Everything that can, will go wrong

- What’s in your mind’e eye is rarely feasible 

-flexibility, time, and support is necessary 

Desiree blacks out the beautiful light.
Desiree moves things, many times.

After this week of introduction to basic building methods and assistance by my friend Kale Roberts, I feel physically stronger and more capable than before. Not just about building though, but about navigating through life with a new confidence too. 


The part of the process I can’t document are the hours of planning cutting plans and rethinking. What I don’t show, are the actual construction of the pedestals, or the 150 yards of fabric that ran through my fingers or the hours waiting for paint and spackle to dry. And I sort of love it. I love that the space looks effortless, clean and minimal. Here’s a sneak peak. 




To see the video installation itself you’re invited to attend the opening. Optimal viewing times are from 7pm-9pm. Creative Pinellas is pleased to announce the 2017 Emerging Artist New Work Exhibition Opening Reception will be held October 26th from 6pm - 9pm. RSVP here: https://creative-pinellas-workshop.ticketleap.com/emerging-artist-new-work/