Hurricane, Post Production & Jazz Festival

Irma was the third hurricane that I have directly experienced. It's always a humbling event to witness the power of nature. Luckily, my family fared very well, yet one can't underestimate the importance of preparation.

The recording of Brazilian-inspired music is in the post production phase where I create "comp" (composite) tracks, zoom into wave forms and edit and more. It's tedious, but necessary for polished recordings. I am glad that I spent a couple years seriously learning Pro Tools. Our wonderful flutist (Jose) has provided 4 tracks from his studio located in Cleveland, Tennessee. Our Brazilian guitarists (Diego) will send me his solo and comping tracks in October. He is touring in Europe right now. That's one of the great aspects of digital recording. You can do it from practically any location, then upload your tracks to a server. Of course, it's always better to record the rhythm section as a unit together. That "live" communication inevitably sounds much better. After that, we will add trombone, voice and some hand percussion and it should be complete!

The tenth St. Petersburg Jazz Festival is in February, but as director, I have plenty of work ahead. The lineup includes the original compositions by the Tal Cohen trio, Jeff Rupert Quintet with Veronica Swift, B3 Fury with the Shawn Brown Quintet, The Helios Jazz Orchestra with singers Whitney James & Chuck Wansley and Latin Jazz with the Gabriel Hernandez Trio. All of these jazz artists are world-class!

Here is the 2018 St. Petersburg Jazz Festival website: .

We like to feature Florida jazz artists for a couple reasons. First - we have amazing talent living right here in Florida. Second - that talent is often neglected. There is still a lingering attitude that Florida artists are inconsequential. It probably goes back to a bit of self-loathing and our tourist-driven culture. Every artist from anywhere else is always better than an artist who actually lives here. It's very weird to explain to the uninitiated. I've encountered it many times and I have no patience for it. Luckily, these dinosaur attitudes are finally fading away. I credit Creative Pinellas, the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, City of St. Petersburg and the former Pinellas County Arts Council for recognizing and supporting our area artists.

If you haven't been to any of the St. Petersburg Jazz Festivals, check it this short video: