Amost July....

The Helios Jazz Orchestra concert with Chuck Wansley was a success and on the program, we premiered a composition that I composed in memory of Ray Villadonga. As I mentioned in the previous posting, Ray was musical force in the Tampa Bay area and a very nice cat (as the jazzsters say).  Here is "Samba for Rayzilla" premiered on June 20, 2017:

Next... we record the rhythm section of my Brazilian group O Som Do Jazz with 15 original compositions that I've written. The styles range from Baiao to samba to MPB to Bossa Nova. The musicians include Mark Feinman (drums), Alejandro Arenas (bass) and Jeremy Douglass (piano). These are top-notch musicians who truly understand and feel the unique Brazilian sound. Mark and Alejandro are colleagues of mine in the MIRA (Music Industry/Recording Arts) program at St. Petersburg College. Jeremy is a former student of mine at SPC. Having taught at a state university (6 years) and then St. Petersburg College, I can honestly say that the SPC music programs are very special.

The pendulum seems to have swung toward more conservative writing for me. 20 years ago, I was working with SuperCollider, Spongefork, AudioMulch & MetaSynth, playing free jazz in SHIM and performing in computer-assisted trombone pieces.

No Earthly Idea - SHIM

All Clear Now - Davey Williams & David Manson

Catorze - David Manson

Mambo Vinko - Javier Alvarez, David Manson (trombone)

That was interesting, but now I prefer to explore the mysteries of Brazilian music styles, interval symmetry, jazz modes and colorful chords. Perhaps, I just tired of computers and hauling around all of the gear required for electro-acoustic music. That, and very few people in the Tampa Bay area seemed interested in our music then. We move forward...

If you are out and about on July 15, come over to the Iberian Rooster in downtown St. Pete between 9 - 12 PM. The Iberian Rooster is a very hip Portuguese fusion restaurant. O Som Do Jazz will be performing downstairs in Subcentral. It's free!