Some Samples of My Projects...

Here are some excerpts of a few of the instrumental compositions produced with support of Creative Pinellas. These are very rough edits, but will be mixed down during the holidays.

"Summer Rain" (the third excerpt) will be for voice in its final form. We will record Andrea during the holidays.  All in all, I wrote and produced 14 new works for our Brazilian group O Som Do Jazz and recorded with the assistance of fine musicians including Andrea Moraes Manson, Alejandro Arenas, Jose Valentino, Mark Feinman, Melissa Harris, Alfredo Rivero, Jeremy Douglass and Austin Vickrey.

Another work written was a big band version of "Samba for Rayzilla".  Here is a clip of the premiere of that piece:

Thanks for making this possible, Creative Pinellas!

David Manson