Finishing any project is a true test of stamina. The euphoria of the initial concept typically fades away as you attempt to make your composition concrete. In the case of music, that means a recording or a combination of recording and images.

At this point, I've recorded Alejandro Arenas (bass), Mark Feinman (drums), Jeremy Douglas (keyboard), Jose Valentino (flute) and about half of my own trombone playing. The next musician in the recording studio will be Austin Vickrey on saxophone, followed by my wife Andrea on vocals.  Guitarists Alfredo Rivero and Diego Figueiredo are sending their takes from Miami and  São Paulo.  I only have access to the studio on Sundays, so the progress is slow, but steady.  During the week, I can edit, EQ and generally shape toward a final mix in Pro Tools.

Those 14 compositions are coming along. When finished, I will send them to my agent in L.A. for possible TV and film placement.  A limited run CD may also be a possibility, but who buys CDs anymore?