Oldies, but Goodies

Here are some of my older compositions.  Some are conservative and others "out there".

This orchestral fanfare (Luma) featured the lydian-dominant mode and some shifting meters. It's modern, but still "general audience friendly".


SHIM was an avant-jazz group that produced two recordings and played in museums, galleries and new music events. Members included Jim Stewart, Keith Hedger, David Pate, David Irwin, myself and several bassists (Doug Mathews, TJ Glowacki, Matt Fagen).

It was a fun group because WE ACTUALLY REHEARSED ON A WEEKLY BASIS.  It's proof to throw-together Florida bands that rehearsing can lead to good outcomes... even for an experimental group.  Here is another of my compositions recorded with SHIM.  This one was placed in the WC series Riverdale recently. It's a strange world. The music runs under the dinner scene.


I had the pleasure of recording my compositions with jazz legend Sam Rivers, Doug Mathews, Anthony Cole and Jonathan Powell. That recording had several rave reviews in jazz publications including JazzTimes. Sam was a mentor to many musicians and a sweet man. He and his wife Bea, were an amazing team.

I went through an electro-acoustic period in the 1990s, then I tired of carrying gear.

This simple work was a tribute to a good friend of mine who left us too early. It uses trombone with a laptop computer running a patch that I wrote.  I wanted to capture the endless rippling of influence given to others, from a good person.

That's it for today!  I have a million things to do by tomorrow.