Second group of campers travels to the Emerald Isle

Creative Clay's "Art Around the World" Summer Camp is an inclusive camp for six to 12-year-olds of all abilities. Campers could choose to attend one or more of the eight weeks of camp. The camp took children to countries far away through the study of art and culture. For the second time this summer, campers had the opportunity to travel to Ireland.

This week, they participated in many musical and creative activities, such as painting Highland Cattle, making pots of gold out of clay, and creating stained glass art using tissue paper collaged on cellophane.

As in many locales, street art is popular in Ireland. Campers learned about Irish street artist James Earley, who hailes from the seaside town of DĂșn Laoghaire. Earley's work can be found in various public spaces around the city and he recently completed a piece for Visit Dublin on   City Quay. In true Earley fashion of using bright, bold colors, campers created drawings in that style.

Fiddle tunes, jigs and reels and popular sounds in Irish pubs, homes and cultural events. Students learned about this genre of music and traced fiddles, then decorated them. Storytelling is also a popular Irish pastime; and the children enjoyed reading and discussing Irish folktales, as well as writing limericks.

And finally, many associate Ireland and its culture with the recognizable Celtic knots. Students learned about the history of this symbol and drew holy trinity Celtic knots and decorated them with watercolor.