Greece: Parthenon, pottery and pan pipes

Creative Clay's "Art Around the World" inclusive summer camp just ended its fifth week with round two of Greece. Each summer, campers choose from one to four countries for art camp themes, depending on how many weeks they attend. Weeks one through four took campers on artistic and cultural journeys through Greece, Japan, Ireland and Tanzania. Weeks five through eight repeat these countries, but include new art projects and themes for campers.

Last week's campers learned about the art and culture of ancient Greece. Activities included creating a Greek sculpture mural by tracing each other's bodies in poses on large sheets of black paper and decorating them within the lines.

Campers worked with clay to create a classic Greek column, as well as a pottery paper plate craft. Travelers to Greece will undoubtedly visit the Parthenon. Our campers created their own with toilet paper rolls.

Students also learned about the medium of mixed media when the created a piece in the style of Greek artist Yannis Gaitis, born in Athens in 1923 and famous for his anonymous men depicting the uniformity and sterility of mass living. His work was introduced in the United States in 1964 at the Carnegie International Exhibition in Pittsburgh. Gaitis worked out of his Paris studio for the last 26 years of his career, and died in 1984.

Throughout the week, Greek culture was shared through storytelling of myths, watercolor painting of favorite scenes,, such as hillside villages, from the country and the wearing of Olympic crowns fashioned from paper leaves and twigs. Musically, campers created pan pipes with straws and tape, then adorned them with beads.

Each camper had the opportunity to have one of their pieces, painted on wood block, exhibited for one week at the St. Petersburg Museum of History.

Greece 2 - 13.JPG