Campers journey to the Emerald Isle via Art Around the World

Week three of Creative Clay's "Art Around the World" camp gave participants a glimpse into the art and culture of Ireland. Limericks, Celtic knots crafted from clay, cellophane and construction paper tissue paper stained glass windows, and acting out folk tales were just some of the activities that guided campers on a colorful, musical and tour of Ireland.

Students learned about highland cattle, and painted scenes from that area of the country, and learned about the prominence of the fiddle in Irish music when they traced and outlined instruments of their own.

Castles are prevalent in many parts of Ireland, and the kids drew pictures and maps of their own castles, and decorated large cardboard boxes that resembled larger Irish castles.

To connect the country with the home state of Florida, campers painted scenes that resembled the area with stained glass and Celtic knot border. Those pieces are exhibited at the St. Petersburg Museum of History for one week, thanks to a sponsorship from the Museum.

Friday's parents and special friends reception was highlighted with a performance of traditional Irish Step Dancing by dancers from the Scariff School of Irish Dance in Tampa.