'Till Next Summer!

Summer Art and Clay Campers had a sweet goodbye last Friday at our end of camp party! Campers from all weeks came together to view the completed Lets' get Artsy: 2017 Summer Camp Exhibition and indulge in sweet treats.

The final week of Art Camp was "Aaahh!! Real Monsters," which gave campers the opportunity to show off their own monster creations. Summer Clay Camp finished off with "Animal Crackers!"

Thank you to everyone who helped make Summer Art and Clay Camp successful! See you in 2018, Campers!

Ocean Commotion!

Week 9 of Summer Art Camp brought creatures of the ocean to the Morean Arts Center! Campers learned about ocean wildlife and the need to preserve and care for the habitats that house the unique underwater life surrounding the Tampa Bay Area.

Using paper, sponges, cotton balls, netting, shells, string and other materials, campers created ocean life of their own imagination. Campers made their favorite fish, coral reefs, sharks, jellyfish and many more creatures to make up a section of the Summer Art Camp Exhibition resembling an aquarium instead of an art gallery!

Over at the Morean Center for Clay, campers continued the construction of a larger-than-life shark puppet to be used at the 2017 First Night celebration. The shark puppet, the newest mascot of the Morean, now has teeth!

Sports of All Sorts!

Campers mixed art with sports last week during week 8 of camp at the Morean Arts Center! St. Petersburg is home to a variety of sports teams including the Tampa Bay Rays and the Rowdies. Campers were able to make art based on the local teams including DJ Kitty necklaces inspired by the Rays!

Mixing art and sports was a great way to have campers experience two great options for expressing creativity. In whatever you do, you can be creative!


Morean's Next Best "Sustainable" Fashion Designer

This week, campers had a chance to strut their stuff on the catwalk wearing designs created from previously used materials. Each camper showed off their artistic abilities while expressing their true style with recycled bits found around the Morean Arts Center.

Materials used included paper, plastic grocery bags from our neighborhood Publix, old t-shirts, tulle and more! At the end of the week, wearing their own designs as well as designing ensembles for additional "models," campers put on a full-fledged fashion show complete with music, lights, a catwalk and paparazzi.

Camp, Camp, HOORAY!

This week, we checked in with our 5-6 year old campers. As young artists with plenty of energy, it's important to engage students in a multi-sensory way using creative stations with a variety of media from painting, print making, collage and more. At this age, the teaching artists help them learn shape, colors, blending, cutting with scissors, design, and how to work together. Students create individual projects and work on collaborative projects throughout the week.

The students have several open play times to read, play or continue making art, so a variety of activities keeps them interested and engaged.

We love our campers!

Life on Mars?

Is there life on Mars? Campers explored outer space this week on their mission to Mars! There were painted galaxies, sculpture spaceships and paper aliens constructed to resemble each campers' unique journey into space.

Campers at the Morean Center for Clay continued their journey with this week's theme, "How Do YOU Feel?" Hand building, wheel throwing and paint splattering filled the rooms with children from ages 4 to 16.

Happy Independence Day! Check back in with us next week as Surfing USA kicks off!

Trash to Treasure!

Trash to Treasure!

This week, thanks to Coca-Cola Beverages Florida, campers were able to recycle syrup barrels into beautifully decorated rain barrels! Campers collaborated with each other to paint, draw and display the rain barrels, which will be given to local organizations in the Tampa Bay area to promote sustainability.