Week One is Done!

Week one of camp at the Morean Arts Center and Morean Center for Clay has come to a close! This week we watched kids go on a Magical Mystery Tour, art their way through the Caribbean with pirates, and explore advanced techniques in a variety of art disciplines with teens.

Our in house photographer got a chance to explore this week’s Teen Clay Camp where teens learned the art of Raku Firing. Raku, meaning “enjoyment,” is a unique form of pottery making in which many different designs are possible by altering certain variables. The variables include wax resist, glazes, slips, temperature and timing.

After the teens practiced the process a few times, their pieces were ready to be placed into reduction cans. Everyone had a chance to try each job.

A fun connection between Raku and the Morean: It became popular with American potters in the late 1950s with the help of Paul Soldner, a proclaimed “Clay God,” who had an exhibit at the Morean Arts Center back when the Center for Clay was still located in the downtown location at 719 Central Avenue.

Stay tuned for news from next week when art CLASHes and London comes calling!