Summertime 2

June is winding down, and it has been a great month, a lot of traveling, visiting family and friends, dancing with new friends and old, dreaming of new projects and ways to connect and be connected to those that inspire me and support me.


Community. Sharing space and ideas with people over time. Old friends. Being in a space with old friends in Austin, dancing, sensing the circularity of pathways. Spirals, always returning, but to a different latitude. Reaching out only to find myself returning to what I already know. Remembering again and again, giving up ownership of the knowledge, letting go of the preciousness of knowing.


I have been traveling, solo traveling with my dog, Skye. I grew up in Texas, and my family still lives in the DFW metroplex. Every June, I take care of my three nephews while my sister reads AP tests in Ohio, and this summer I decided to drive because 1) I love the drive, and 2) I could make a detour to Austin for the Tuning Scores workshop, and 3) I could take my dog Skye so she could hang out with my nephs.


I love driving. I grew up in Texas, and we had a station wagon – we drove EVERYWHERE. When I was a kid I hated how long it took to drive places, but now it’s a huge gift not to be in a hurry. I love the open space, and the quiet. Hours of not talking, just thinking, reflecting, processing, digesting. Two beautiful days of reset.


Being in Austin, dancing, with familiar people, in a familiar space was magical. A space for dancing with people that I know, where connections have established rhythms, and there is a depth of understanding that only comes with shared history. A reconnection to a community that I am missing here in Florida. I was not the only one in Austin that no longer lives in Austin, and it gets me wondering why we can’t just get together here too. Everything I do seems to be about connecting people over time and space. Linkages. I love that we are all spread out because we have our own space, and then we have all of these dots to connect. A constellation of a community.