Thoughts on moving

"I think that one of the reasons that I got involved in dance is to finish my movement development. Because I have a hunger to find and to finish and to explore, to do essentially what babies do when they begin to move. A hunger to find out what movement is or can be. I think it provides a service to keep the search alive, in a culture which has engineered an environment which requires physical and sensorial suppression to exist in." Steve Paxton

This video. I can't stop thinking about this video.

My friend Olivia O'Hare shared this with me months ago, and it continues to circle around in my thoughts, rings true for me, gently and profoundly. Steve Paxton, the initiator of Contact Improvisation speaks about movement and sensorial development, and how urban life reduces our connection and development of our movement and sense development. 

I have been in Austin, TX over Memorial Day weekend taking a workshop on Tuning Scores facilitated by Margit Galanter. This a description of Tuning from the Tuning Scores Log: (

Tuning Scores are an intriguing way to investigate fundamental elements of performance, movement behavior, and communication, altogether. Originated by Lisa Nelson, the explorations illuminate how we compose perception through action; in other words, we learn how what we see is inextricably linked to how we see, through our multisensorial layers of observation. In “tuning,” we practice together, using both movement and verbal calls. Through these, we communicate our desires, our imagination, and our memory, in a shared image space. And with this material, we compose live art, together.

As I get older, I find my interests lie more and more in the realm of improvisation and perception - using movement as framework/skillset to make sense of the world where I live. I am fascinated by how an idea can be explored physically, with priority placed on discovery rather than demonstration, without needing find an answer or prove something right. What does it mean to answer a question physically? What if I begin with a sense other than sight? What can I come to understand through this investigation? Being in the process of process. 

I think that I will use Tuning Scores for the Urban Duets.